What is Grinduro?

That is the first question that everyone asks. Why? Because it´s BRAND NEW!

Lifted straight from their website "Grinduro is just what the name suggests: Gravel Road Race + Mountain Bike-Style Enduro = one long loop of pavement and dirt, where finishing times aren’t based on overall loop time, but four timed segments (each roughly five-to-seven minutes)...The course is a serious affair (60 miles of constant up-and-down in rugged terrain) but the Grinduro isn’t meant to be a sufferfest. We’ve linked together some of our favorite roads and trails. Each course features a mix of surfaces (smooth pavement, gravel and hard-packed dirt) long climbs and singletrack descents."

Rachael loves a bit of gravel riding, she also is a old hat at enduro, so the format called her to get on a plane and take the long trip to hazy California.

Despite the heftyness of the race itself, the surrounding event encompasses an atmosphere of fun. A gathering of youthful grown-ups that just love to play on bikes. A festival village where friends and family are welcome with open arms.

Catching up with Rachael after her race it was great to hear that her main takeaway had been that she had fun, talked to LOADS of people around the course- "Grinduro America is another level, it´s like on steroids."

Yeah, yeah, glad you had fun Rachael, but what about the RACE?

"The jet lag was so bad, I felt like I had been hit in the face by a bus. I was so upset, my legs were really strong because I´ve been going well recently, but I couldn´t breathe."

Ever humble, she might also have forgotten to mention that she only went and won her catagory! What´s that? FIRST PLACE? Yep. Winner winner chicken´s dinner.