When your bike gets stolen it can often feel like the end of the world. You feel so helpless not knowing what has happened, why, and how it happened. Its easy to feel pretty down in the dumps about it all, and rightly so. You've just had part of your freedom taken away. The bike you saved up for months and even years for, the bike that gives you "you" time, the bike that gives you so many memories with your friends - taken by someone who decided to invade your privacy. 

Non of us would be particularly happy in such situation and neither was Tanya Moores. Earlier this year Tanya's beloved Santa Cruz Bronson was stolen in the middle of the night. Tanya is a regular rider at the Hopetech Women rides and very popular among the female riding community. Mortified at the prospect of not being able to ride, Tanya took the plunge and got a replacement Santa Cruz Nomad. Tanya is by trade a paint sprayer, so if anyone could do an amazing custom paint job on the bike it would be her. Along with a good friend Tommy Armstrong the Canadian themed Juliana was born...

We like it a lot!

The idea kind of came about when I got my visa through and because I love bears so a Canadian theme seemed a good inspiration source. I chose a Nomad because I wanted something with slightly bigger travel that would be a good inbetweener - a good climbing bike that would be fun to decend on like a DH bike. Also the lower standover over the Bronson appealed to me because I've got little legs!!
Tanya Moores

Here's the full bike spec:

Santa Cruz Nomad transformed into a Juliana

Hope Tech 3 E4 brakes with 180mm rotors

Hope Pro 4 hubs on Stans Flow rims 27.5

Renthal carbon bars at 140mm

Hope Crankset 175mm with 32t spiderless chainring

DMR Vault Flat pedals 

Rockshox Reverb post 31.6 150mm drop

Rockshox Pike 160mm forks

Rockshox Monarch Debonair plus rc3