We wanted the low-down from inside the head of the weekend´s winner...enter stage, Martha Gill!!!

What were your goals going into the race?

I had just finished a long EWS season and had been enjoying the beginning of my off season, so I wasn't really coming into the race with any goals or expecting results. Having said that, I knew I felt fast during practice and had confidence from winning last year, so I thought I may as well give it my best shot!

How tight/competitive was the racing between you top gals during the day?

It was super tight! Especially with it being 3 short trail centre stages, I knew I'd have to be pushing every second to have a chance of doing well. There was a fair amount of competition there as well with several really fast ladies - 4 world champions between us! Tracy and Hattie are both seriously strong pedallers, and the likes of Katy and Chloe are super skilled. We actually ended up racing in trains, myself, Hattie, and Tracy all took turns leading it out on each stage, and each one we finished close behind one another... so there were a few moments of held breath when it came to printing out our times at the end of the day!

How much fun did you have on a scale of one to ten?

10 definitely! It might not have been the most technical or challenging trails but when you have a good group of people around you, who you can share that buzz and excitement of racing with, that's what makes it fun for me - as well as the pancakes and toasting marshmallows haha! When I wasn't riding I was hanging out at the Gowaan stand with Bex too, which is always an enjoyable experience getting to chat to new people who love to follow what we do.

Who was your favourite new person that you talked to?

After the podium a little girl was amazed by the size of the trophy I had won, I let her hold it and her mum got a picture of us together. Then she said with fierce determination in her eyes, "one day I'll be holding this", as she passed the trophy back to me - and I don't have any doubt in that!